Dear colleagues and friends:


From Thursday 4th of July to Saturday 6th of July 2013 the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Zaragoza (Paraninfo building) will held the 27th International Congress on Applied Economics ASEPELT, organised by the area of Knowledge of Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business Administration.


We have already celebrated the 125 anniversary of the creation of economics and business studies in the University of Zaragoza, supported among others by the Chamber of Commerce and the Sociedad Económica Aragonesa de Amigos del País, (Aragon Economical Friends Society) and we have chosen the following title for the Congress: “Economics in the era of (un)knowledge” deeply related to the origin of these studies.


If at the end of the 19th century, people talked about the need of instructing within the Industrial Society framework, at the beginning of the 21st century, similar ideas keep existing but within the framework of the Knowledge Society and the revolution that we are going through thanks to the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs).


At this time, and within this framework, we will tackle the issues normally discussed in previous Asepelt congresses. Once we understand the Knowledge Society as a space for talent, intelligence, imagination and creativity of the human beings, two of its most important features are the intercommunication between the actors involved in the resolution of problems and, specially, the importance given to human factor. In this sense, the Congress that will be held in Zaragoza is aimed at going more deeply into training individuals on economical-business aspects and bringing up new challenges that have to be solved in order to give a proper answer to the current needs.


The most characteristic feature of this Knowledge Society is that questions are as important as answers. In our current environment, the amount of information is increasing considerably, but this great amount of information is provoking more ignorance (lack of information) among individuals. In order to ease this lack of knowledge, it is convenient to focus on training them, so that they are able to select the relevant information and avoid stupidity (lack of information).


Looking forward to welcoming all of you to Zaragoza next July, so that all together can help to create a better society, I send you my best regards on behalf of the Organising Committee of the 27th International Congress on Applied Economics Asepelt.



Zaragoza, 15th of January, 2013



José María Moreno Jiménez

President of Organising Committee


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