The International Association of Applied Economy (ASEPELT) organised in 2011 the first prize competition called Prize Bernardo Pena for young researchers. This prize is aimed at promoting the scientific work in the Applied Economy field and giving a prize to young researchers. This 2nd Prize ASEPELT for Young Researchers Prize Bernardo Pena 2013 is aimed at the same purpose.


The prize will be giving to the best unpublished work presented in the 27th International Congress of Applied Economy that will be held in Zaragoza, from 4th to 6th of July, 2013 which has been presented to the competition. The following works can take part in the competition: any work presented in the Congress signed by one or several researchers which have been presented in any of the sessions of the Congress whose author are less than 35 years old by the date of celebration of the Congress.


The authors must communicate expressly that they want to take part in the Prize Competition and send the complete work before May 5th, 2013. In addition, the young researcher presenting the work must submit a signed declaration stating that the communication has never been published before and including the age of each author.


Should an author want to present more than one work, one application form must be submitted by each work.


The panel will be integrated by 5 members who must not be authors of any work presented to the competition, and must not have any institutional or family relation with the authors. Two members of the panel will be proposed by the Academic Council of Asepelt, one by the Executive Committee of the Association, one by the Organising Committee of the Congress and the last one by the magazine Estudios de Economía Aplicada. Whenever the Prof. Bernardo Pena Trapero makes part of the panel, he will be the president. In case he does not take part, the president will be the President of ASEPELT or the person appointed by him.


In order to choose the winner, the Panel will take into account the opinion of the Scientific Committee of the Congress and the presenters of the round tables where the works have been presented. The winner will be communicated during the Closing Session of the Congress. The prize will be credited by issuing a Diploma that will be handed out in the Closing Session.


The Panel is entitled to declare that the prize will not be awarded and give a consolation prize.


See the document 'Application form for prize competition' for more information


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