Plenary and Special Sessions



  • Session Klein (Inauguration Conference)


Manuel Pizarro Moreno, Government Lawyer and Stock Exchange Agent. Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Law, member of the Royal Academy of Economical and Financial Science and member of the Aragon Academy of Jurisprudence and Law.



  • Session Leontieff (Round Table): Economics, Politics and Business


Josefa Eugenia Fernández Arufe, Applied Economics Professor at the University of Valladolild and Former Councillor in Castilla y León.

Manuel Arenilla Sáez, Professor of Politics Science and Administration of the University Rey Juan Carlos and Director of the National Institute for Public Administration. (INAP).

Pilar Andrade Sánchez, President of the Spanish Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (CEAJE).

Manuel Teruel Izquierdo, President of TAIM WESER S.A. and President of the Superior Association of Chambers of Commerce of Spain.






  • Special session 1 (Discussion): Economy in the era of (un)knowledge (at the Salón Dorado. La Aljafería, Zaragoza 1045)


José Luis Corral Lafuente, Medieval History Professor of the University of Zaragoza and writer of the book “El Salón Dorado”.
Antonio García Lizana, Applied Economy Professor of the University of Málaga
Antonio Pulido San Román, Applied Economy Professor of the University Autónoma de Madrid and Director of Klein Institute.



  • Special Session 2 (Round Table): Public Information value and cost


Alfredo Cristóbal Cristóbal, Government statiscian and General Director of Statistical Products of the National Institute of Statistic.
José María García López, General Director of Economy of the Aragon Government.
Luis H. Menéndez  (presenter), Chief of Economy section in the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón





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