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The International Association of Applied Economics ASEPELT is a non-profit organization that gathers researchers, professors and professionals, as well as other institutions that are interested in scientific work and/or in the promotion of this work. It was funded in Madrid, at the central offices of the National Institute of Statistics in 1986, as a result of the impulse of twenty economists specialized on research in Applied Economics. The statutes of the association were approved in 1987 during the Assembly that took place in Barcelona. The name ASEPELT comes from 'Association Scientifique Européenne pour la Prévision Economique à Moyen et Long Terme', from which the Spanish branch was historically created. Currently, we are included in this European Association and we have more than 700 individual members which belong to several Spanish universities and to several public and private organizations, firms and non-profit groups. Furthermore, the Association also includes a number of institutional members, more than thirty, among which we can find several institutes and university departments as well as other public and private entities.


The goal of the Association is to 'organize, promote and foster original and scientific work in the area of Applied Economics' with the purpose of contributing in a positive manner to the improvement and development of this area of Economics. The Association is also envisaged to be a meeting point for different methodological traditions in the Economics science which share the same worries about real problems and the search for solutions to these problems. It is of particular interest to highlight the fact that, among its members, the Association has specialists in several domains such as Spanish Economy, Statistics, Econometrics, Political Economics, Business, Public Sector Economics, International Economics, Mathematics, Regional Economics, etc., as well as professionals linked to economic and financial activities in our country. All of this allows, without a doubt, a rich set of possibilities and approaches of high social utility.


In accordance with the goals exposed above, the activities of ASEPELT are directed towards the promotion of scientific advances in the area of Applied Economics and fostering the exchanges among the members, which includes publications and scientific meetings. It is worth drawing particular attention to the fourth-month regular newsletter on Studies of Applied Economics which is published both in paper and online, with an international character and that is sent to Universities all over Spain, Latin-American and European countries. The Editorial Board includes members that belong to prestigious institutions in Europe, America and Asia. At the same time, ASEPELT celebrates an Annual Congress in which several topics of current interest in the Applied Economics area are studied and discussed with implications in all the spheres of the economic and social life, including the financial world, economic development, international economic relations, productive activities, families, consumption, social welfare, etc.

The support to young researchers in the area of Applied Economics is one of our permanent worries.

Nowadays, ASEPELT has a group of priorities, among which we can find the quality of scientific work, the reinforcement of the social presence of the Association, the focus on immediate and current problems, the establishment of relations with other scientific associations and the special focus to Latin-America countries.


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